The lab has access to 3 Tesla fMRI scanners at both Tel Aviv University and the Weizmann Institute of Science.


The lab uses a 64 electrodes wireless EEG system (g.tec) for recording electrophysiological brain activity. The wireless setup allows us recording in various (physical and virtual) environments.

Virtual Reality

Our lab has state of the art Virtual Reality systems including Leapmotion, HTC VIVE and other custom systems to allow full immersive virtual reality with concurrent neural and physiological measurements. 


The Gonda center has the only MEG system in Israel. The system is a  Magnes WH-3600 by 4D Neuroimaging, with 248 magnetometers, audio,visual and tactile stimulus presentation systems, real time motion tracking and eye-tracker,  as well as a 64 channel EEG.

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